Eucarbon® is a traditionally used intestinal regulative, developed over 100 years ago.
It is a natural intestinal regulator and alleviates various symptoms caused by bowel sluggishness
Eucarbon® is a natural remedy for constipation, flatulence and bloating.

Eucarbon® regulates your bowel system


Purifies the
intestinal tract

  • Non-activated vegetable carbon adsorbs gases and toxins while passing through your bowel system.
  • Intestinal irritants are bound to the surface of the vegetable carbon, allowing a rapid evacuation from the digestive system.

Stimulates the
intestinal tract

  • Senna and rhubarb root stimulate the intestinal lining and encourage the natural movement of the bowel (peristalsis). 
  • The mildly laxative effect eases bowel movements by moisturizing.

Disinfects the
intestinal tract

  • Sulfur* disinfects the digestive tract.
  • The digestive system is protected against microbiological harm.

*Eucarbon® herbal does not contain sulfur.

Active ingredients

Senna leaves (sennae folium) 105 mg

Rhubarb root extract (rheum radix) 25 mg

Vegetable carbon (carbo ligni) 180 mg

Purified sulfur (sulfur depuratum) 50 mg

Peppermint oil 0,50 mg
Fennel oil 0,50 mg

Herbal and mineral ingredients of Eucarbon®



Senna leaves (sennae folium)

Senna leaves have been employed for centuries in Traditional Chinese as well as Folk medicine and have been mentioned in the Koran as herbal remedy for gastroenterological diseases. 

Senna belongs to a large genus of flowering plants from the legume family. The leaves contain high amounts of sennosides (also known as anthraquinone glyocosides) which are active ingredients with certain stimulant laxative properties.

Senna promotes the natural flow of ingested food through the bowel by increasing intestinal motility as well as reducing intestinal water absorption. This helps to regulate bowel movement and improve constipation.


Rhubarb root (rheum radix)

Rhubarb is a plant which carries a distinctive bitter and sour taste. Over 2000 years ago traditional chinese medicine practitioners started to cultivate and use rhubarb root for its medicinal qualities.

Just like senna, rhubarb root contains anthraquinon glyocosides and is particularly valued for its stimulant laxative effects on the bowel system. 

Rhubarb root thus encourages natural intestinal movement and helps to improve episodes of constipation. 


Non-activated vegetable carbon (carbo ligni)

Non-activated vegetable carbon is a black substance with no taste or smell. It has the ability to act as an adsorbent (a substance that binds chemical compounds to its surface) in our digestive system, making it a very important agent for easing various intestinal complaints, including flatulence and bloating.

Due to its special surface structure, non-activated vegetable carbon can adsorb unwanted substances that can harm or irritate the digestive system, promoting their rapid elimination before they can be reabsorbed into the body. 

Non-activated vegetable carbon is made from 100% plant-based sources namely wood. Eucarbon’s® non-activated carbon is made from sustainably sowed and traceable wood which is treated at very high temperatures and carbonized at 700-800°C. The carbonized product obtained after this process is then purified and finely grounded into a black powder for pharmaceutical purposes. 


Purified sulfur (sulfur depuratum)

Sulfur is one of the most abundant minerals in the body and is an essential building block of our health including for our digestive well-being. 

In the intestinal tract sulfur can perform detoxifying and disinfectant actions to remove toxins and metabolic waste.

Application & Dosage

Unless otherwise prescribed, Eucarbon® should be taken as followed:

Take 1– 2 tablets up
to 3 x per day. For
stronger effects 
raise evening dose
 to 3 – 4 tablets.

Eucarbon® should be taken
with enough liquid at 
or after meals.

Onset of effect:
after 8-10 hours 
Eucarbon® unfolds
its effects in the
large intestine.

 Eucarbon® gently 
stimulates bowel
movement and aids
as a mild laxative 
and disinfectant.

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