Biocarbon® is an intestinal remedy made of pure medicinal activated vegetable carbon.
It is made from all-natural plant-based sources with cleansing and detoxifying properties.

Reliably detoxifying. 

Highly adsorptive activated vegetable carbon binds intestinal toxins and bacterial contaminants in the digestive tract. One gram of Biocarbon® activated vegetable carbon has a surface area that is equivalent to the total area of more than 8 tennis courts! The irritants are removed from the intestinal tract and the elimination of pathogenic substances is encouraged.

Active ingredients

Amount per tablet:
Activated vegetable carbon 250mg

Activated carbon in Biocarbon®

Activated vegetable carbon is a special kind of vegetable carbon that has been treated at extremely high temperatures to obtain an even higher porous surface structure than non-activated carbon. Millions of tiny pores in the surface structure make it possible for it to trap gases and toxins in the intestinal tract.

Activated-vegetable carbon is used to effectively treat severe cases of diarrhea and can even be applied during events of acute poisoning.

The activated carbon für Biocarbon® is made of 100% coconut shells.

Application & Dosage

Unless otherwise prescribed, Biocarbon® should be taken as followed:

4 tablets, 
3 times/day.

Biocarbon® should 
be taken with enough liquid at or after meals.

Onset of effect:
after 8-10 hours Biocarbon®
unfold its effects in the
large intestine.

 Biocarbon® gently 
binds intestinal toxins and relieves diarrheal complaints

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