Biocarbon® consists of pure medicinal activated carbon and has cleansing, detoxifying properties. It is made from all-natural plant-based sources and helps alleviate diarrhea.

Reliably detoxifying. 

Highly adsorptive activated vegetable carbon binds intestinal toxins and bacterial contaminants in the digestive tract. One gram of Biocarbon® activated vegetable carbon has a surface area that is equivalent to the total area of more than 8 tennis courts! The irritants are removed from the intestinal tract and the elimination of pathogenic substances is encouraged.

Active ingredients

Amount per tablet:

Activated vegetable carbon 250mg

Activated carbon in Biocarbon®




Activated vegetable carbon is a special kind of vegetable carbon that has been treated at extremely high temperatures to obtain an even higher porous surface structure than non-activated carbon. Millions of tiny pores in the surface structure make it possible to trap gases and toxins in the intestinal tract.

Activated vegetable carbon is used to effectively treat severe cases of diarrhea and can even be applied during events of acute poisoning.

The activated carbon für Biocarbon® is made of 100% coconut shells.

Application & Dosage

Unless otherwise prescribed, Biocarbon® should be taken as followed:

4 tablets, 
3 times/day.

Biocarbon® should 
be taken with enough liquid with or after meals.

Onset of effect:
after 8-10 hours Biocarbon®
unfold its effects in the
large intestine.

 Biocarbon® gently 
binds intestinal toxins and relieves diarrheal complaints

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